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Update Your Site Today, It Will Be Live Tomorrow! A strange experience when I tried to update my website

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I was in India last month and I was maintining a website (blog) for more than 5 years, even though across different domain names. 10 days back, I reached Kuwait and tried to update my blog from here over a 3G HSDPA connection. Even though I was able to update the site, it went live on my blog only on the second day! Till then, my blog showed the old content.I was a bit irritated and tried again and again over a period of six days. Then I noticed that during certain hours of the day, the updates goes live instantly but its not always the case. I also pointed out that sometimes my website shows that old "CPanel installation successful" message instead of my Wordpress blog.Further more, at the same time, different browsers gives different results. I have IE7, Chrome and Firefox installed. Very rarely I am able to see the same page of my site in all these browsers...I checked with my current web host, my ISP and Protonic. According to Protonic, this is due to caching by the ISP which sometimes gives up strange problems like this. Sometimes this happens to my blog posts also. It shows my blog count increased but I am unable to locate the post in the forum! Anyway, I am considering to move to another ISP. Have you experienced such issues? What is your opinion about this?

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