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How To Console A Girl Who Is Not Mature In Love? She is totally disturbed and do not want to have relationship with me.

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It's a bit lengthy but a serious matter.........Its been more than one year I am having relationship with a girl. B) Now I am in abroad pursuing my study and she is in my home country. I am from Asian country.My case is B) I love her so much and she too loves me. B) But the problem is I am far from her and she always want me to come back and get married soon :P because her parents do not like her to be in contact with me. It seems I am not a good guy in the eye of her parents as I met just once with her parents and due to some circumstances, her parents think that my family is not good nor am I. B) They think that she will not be happy if she get married with me in near future, B) so they are against our relationship. It usually happens in our culture that parents decision is more prior than oneself in our culture. And it seems, it is very difficult to convince her parents on our relationship :P as her opinion. So, she is always insisting be to come back and get married even though it is against her parents, she is ready. But, as I am studying, I can't go right now. :P As I do not listen to her, she use to tell me that I cannot do anything for her and sometimes she do not trust me.Now, the main scenario starts when I told to ask her parents whether our relationship can go further or not as her parents is insisting her to get married with other guy and I want to halt this procedure.(I didn't did it personally as I am scare she might me in more trouble). Now, I think she might be really threaten by her parents answer that she do not want to go against her parents. B) But if I know her better that she is also not happy with her parents decision. As I am far from her, she told me to forget me. But when I didn't agreed, she started to make many stories. I don't know what went wrong with her, she insisted me to forget her. I ask "Do you love me any more" ( a foolish question, I asked) and she told no. She even took my oath. I was shocked. B) I tried to ask her more why she told like this to me, I think she is totally annoyed, she even started to make more false stories that some one else is there her life other than me. She even took her mother oath on this to make me believe (which is really bad thing in our culture, which really does not happen). I was shocked as I know she is telling lie. I even cried in front of her why she is doing this to me. Later she told I cannot tolerate this pressure anymore. I am not with her and her parents is also against her. She had to choose between me and her parents and as her parents is with her, so she wants to go with her parents. She thinks if she is going to be with me then she is going to hurt so many people. It is better to get rid of me for her. So, to make myself hate her, she is making all this stories. When I asked her many times, she told me she also want someone who loves her more than anyone else and when I told her "What am I doing then?" she told I am far from her and she wants me to be with her. She even asked can I come back now and I told I can't ( a big mistake B) I did, I am a coward). I told her I will come after one year.So, I cannot figure out what should I do now. Should I forget her? Sometime I feel I should go back to my country and get married with her. B) But the problem is I can't. If I will go, then I will ruin my career and I don't want to do this. Now, career is more valuable than her and I know she did not like my this opinion. I am pretty confused. I do not want to loose her. I want her to be in my life in any condition. So, guys........help me out with some really rocking tips and suggestions?????????????Thanks in advance................

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