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Creative Writing Essay An Argument of Passion, Destiny Motivation

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A few months ago, I received a college prompt concerning what I wanted to study and why I had chosen my path.


As I wrote my essay, it convoluted itself into something much more... and unearthed some of my core beliefs in the process. The result was this:


To find one's ultimate passion; to crumble the diamond-faced barriers and say, "This is what I am meant to do with my life." The privilege of knowing what one will be, no matter what may impede their success, is as if they have morphed into a treant. One becomes rooted, yet mobile through the power of will and unadulterated inspiration.


If one could irrefutably prove that there is destiny, I would say that it is branded into one's DNA. Strands of existential matter: the seemingly random fuse of genetics, which yield a persistent fate bestowed upon one by their ancestors. Though the concept of fate is hardly absolute, I would wager that one may never be truly satiated with the immeasurable alternatives. That is not to say, however, that one's burdens and learning curve in the meanwhile are for naught.


Potential is the lovingly-tended garden, with seedlings gently cradled in rich, dark loam. The greatest strengths begin as a fragile miniature of what may be. Self sufficiency: the first quavering leaf to bend and bathe in the warmth of the sunlight, and partake of its share of life's energy and balance.


Innocent, uninfluenced, beautiful; nothing is ever so pure as that first moment of quasi-sentient awareness.


My ultimate passion always has been, and always will be the expansive realm of art, and writing. There is no single medium, form, nor expression thereof which I do not love and desire to immerse myself in. Although, the most powerful form of all the potential choices available to me would not be a world I was ready to explore until another, most precious entity had inextricably woven her threads into my tapestry.


Motherhood is the paramount awareness, for one's singular perception becomes a miniscule, insignificant speck in comparison to the enormously humbling embodiment cradled, so carefully, against oneself.


To be solely responsible for another's innocence, health, happiness, welfare, and education; perspective careens out of control, taking its time to settle, and a dream emerges amid the whorls of dust. If one is lucky, and is vaguely familiar with this dream already, then they are that much further ahead of the average soul.


In my dream, my daughter had aged to be a young schoolgirl, and, as she darted over to my workstation, I moved so I could lift her onto my lap. We were in a large, dome-shaped room, but my focus narrowed upon only her as I began explaining what I was working on. When I awakened, with the morning barely lightening the aura of my room, I knew.


People say that, when I speak about various forms and mediums of expression, my face alights with a childlike pleasure. To have the chance to share such a passion with my daughter should never be an opportunity taken for granted. It should be pursued with every ounce of sheer determination that one possesses.


So this is my pursuit, for my daughter and me, and for any generation that may follow in our footsteps.

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Fractured,Your essay definitely shook my ground because what you feel is one of those profound things you need to really strive for to understand. What you wrote rotates around in my cranium sitting in the nooks & corners of my brain but because I am human whose limitations pull him down often I fail to find the words to express myself. When I read a person's words I need to feel the person and I could feel you. I could feel the words turning into realities faced by you & by me, memories, into actions, into hard work, into pain.Even though I am not a mother to humans, and I wish not to be one. I am eternally working hard for my foster kids, when I feel like giving up my kids wake me up and egg me on to keep moving. To me life is nothing but a place to emit & absorb energy for we are all condensed energy. I am no writer nor an artist who can draw their existence but I can say that I am an observing learner. I observe & learn as much as I can until the time I am allowed by myself to express it right.We tend to return to our true childlike forms when we are truly loving or passionate about something. So here is to my pursuit to be childlike for ever by loving everything that exists for what I see is you but know it is me :P

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Attention!*falls over and squiggles, elated!*Wow, I couldn't possibly be more delighted that I've impacted someone with a form of my expression! Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback!Though you may have born no child of your flesh and blood, do not let modesty undermine your role as another kind of mother (which is just as special, in my opinion)! You are someone who others look up to, and love; that is beautiful, in its own right. B):P

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