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Map Of Bones by James Rollins

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Map of Bones by the author James Rollins is a great thriller and mystery mixed book with fast-paced actions with intellegently put puzzles lying around every corner of the book, but on the other hand it's kind of boring on some parts because of the repeating of the activites.?


I borrowed it from the library 4 days ago by a recommendation of several friends and couldn't stop reading it, very addicting!


Short plot below:


A band of intruders, highly armed dressed in robes of priests, unleash a weapon during a cathedral service in Cologne, that makes the lifes of the people there a nightmare and they die with horrible deaths. They didn't came for the masterpiece of gold with which the preserved bones of the three Magi lie in, but they came for the bones themselves! The bones afterwards turn out to be very important for the sole future of the world.


From then on, a Vatican carabinieri lady Rachel Verona and her uncle join with Grayson Pierce and his team to solve the mysteries and prevent the Dragon Court, the organization which stood behind the Cologne attack, to get full control of the Magi's secrets.


A fantastic read, nevertheless, you must read this book not only if you are a Da Vinci fan, but if you find other Dan Brown's and other thriller books writers books highly enjoyable, you'll find this one too!


Buy it from Amazon:



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