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When Did You Lose You Virginity? or are you still?

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The always interesting question...Me... I was extremely late. I got one woman under my belt. I also ended up marrying her. I think I am probably gonna get bashed the hell out on somebody reply. Whatever. I think I decided well though, she is very strong and extremely smart. I met her at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.What's your story? Don't be scared... we all got one. If if you don't...it ain't no biggie (even though you think it is)

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There is no reason why i can not be honest so here it goes, i lost my virginity when i was about 15 years old, i was just arrived and living in Portugal, by then was october, i was pretty messed up about a fight i had with a familiar, and it was friday, i then, at night, went to a pub-disco, whatever, i looked at the bar tables when i sae 2 beautiful turists, and i had no girlfriend obviously, i had just arrived, so i guess i give it a shoot, so i end up loosing my virginity that night with a beautiful new zealand girl and a local guy with the other which was australian.I lost it in a near by beach, and it was an intensive experience i tell you that, i end up also daiting that same girl for over 8 moths, she was in a school inter-change program or whatever, but after a year she had to go, and she did, and i had a very hard time forgetting her, i almost left home, with 15 years old, to new zealand, which is the most far place in the planet to go if you are in portugal, and i almost did, i just could not take the money from my parents or else i would be with her still now, doesn't matter anymore, i grew with that, that's what counts anyway.

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