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Google Latitude what is google latitube? if you know more please type in

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Google latitude if a software program that is installed on your phone which allows your phone to be found via GPS.Once your phone is stolen normally the thief would automatically turn off the phone because, god forbid someone calls. The cool thing about the soft ware, Google latitude is that they can still find you even if the phone i off or not. the kicker of this is that even if the thief has the brains to turn off the phone an even take out the battery; they can still find you!i suppose that the main reason that Google made the software is not becasue they people to know where they can find each other but instead for the government. once a child is kidnapped it is estimated that for every hour that child is lost 10000 dollars in efforts of the governments is being spend. As one can imagine this is large sum of many and carries a large strain on the government. It is based on the same concept as the children phone where it only has 3 buttons, one for mom, one for dad, and one for the police ; or however one choices to put it. the child is basically told that once someone touches them in there private area then to press the button and know that someone is coming to help them. the child off course does not understand the concept behind it or why he/she should press the button due to them not knowing what the button pressing would do. simple said; if someone touches you down there...press the button! Google latitude is simply a way to save some money for the government and hopefully making the world a better place, one phone at a time.

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