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Ibotnet On The Loose

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Finally I get to talk about Mac and its security weakness,

and yes the security of Mac computers are weak because of the fact

Microsoft has always been targeted. Thus, you do not see much security

software for Apple computers in the store or hear about major security



Although, earlier this year there was a story out that the new IWorks was carrying a trojan, however, it was pirated copies of IWorks that was carrying the trojan. However, OSX.Trojan.iServices was rated serious because of what it could do and that was "When

iWork is installed, the Trojan is installed as a start-up item as a

part of iWorkServices. It has read-write-execute permissions for root

control of the computer, Intego said. The malware connects to a remote

server over the Internet and may download additional components to the

infected computer."



So yeah all you Mac users, your time is coming, although odds are

there are small groups that specifically attack Mac systems and

eventually something big will get you. Oh thats right it already has

and thus the reason for this post, iBotnet, is the one most of us PC

users been waiting for and although it has only affected a few thousand

computers. It does not take much to keep the infection going,

especially when it comes to pirated software such as Iworks, Adobe CS4.



Either way, rejoice PC users because Apple is finally going to get

off their high horse and actually do something to most vulnerable

operating system on the planet. Ok its still Windows, but at least we

have way to protect ourselves for a just in case; however, I will admit

the Apple track record for security is great and they prevent a lot of

stuff from getting through but they need to understand that not

everyone is that smart with computers and computer security.



Dont forgot most Mac users have drop a few thousand dollars for a

Mac computer and so they wont drop a few thousand more for Mac based

software either, well most home users wont do that, but either way

Apple needs to start setting up a plan or create their own Security

software for some sort of protection. Cause those computers need and with IBotnet on the loose they need to think of something quick.













I though I would jump for joy on an article I just posted about Mac security and so knock yourself out Mac users. Of course, comment here or comment on my blog about it.

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