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Eleven My thoughts on Eleven

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Younger ages inside of us In the following post I will talk about how people sometimes act as if they were younger. I will explain if I have felt younger ages inside of me that continue to exist with my present age. When and how have I seen it in other people, etc. I can?t tell if younger ages continue to exist in my present age. But what I can tell is that sometimes I feel like doing things a little kid does. Just like playing videogames or watching cartoons, I like eating letter soup and whenever I eat it, I write my name with the letters. I think this is because I?ve accumulated behaviors over the time. However as I acquire new behaviors, they go over the old ones. I?ve seen this in other people. For example, my uncle Omar is like an old kid, he is about 30 years old but he is more like an older brother than an uncle. I think this is because younger ages inside of us continue to exist with your present age. Just like what it said in the story we read in class. I don?t think I?m simply the age I am at the moment, because sometimes I act very mature but sometimes I also act childish. One day I might watch Dr. House and the next day I might watch Buggs Bunny. I think I?m the age I am at the moment plus all my other ages. By looking at my behaviors and interests, I can tell that my younger ages are still inside me. I consider that all my younger ages continue to exist inside me at my current age. All the reasons and examples I stated above indicate so. ??when you?re eleven, you?re also ten, and nine, and eight, and seven, and six, and five, and four, and three, and two, and one.? (Cisneros)

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