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Vengeance Comes From Your Heart But Death Comes From Your Hand

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?Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand, blood and revenge are hammering in my head? (Shakespeare). I agree widely with it. I agree because vengeance is in my heart, as the rough feelings originate there. Death is in my hand because I am the one who decides to take revenge or not. Also the weapons you could use for harming someone must be held in your hand. Blood and revenge are hammering our head means you want to get revenge and sometimes it involves blood. However most of the time it will enter in conflict with your ethic or moral codes. This is why it will confuse you, because you don?t know if it?s correct to do it. "Maria Concepci?n" story illustrates this quotations very well. Some events of the story that illustrate this quotation are that Maria Concepcion found Maria Rosa and Juan kissing each other. Maria Concepci?n got very angry then and hatred arose in her heart so she wanted revenge. Another event is that Juan didn?t care about it at all, like when he talks to Givens he says he can?t leave Maria Concepci?n because he?s married to her by the church; But that he can?t leave Maria Rosa either because she makes him feel good. In the story we can also see how Maria Concepci?n is so mad that she wants revenge and she wants to kill Maria Rosa and make Juan suffer. The relations between the successes in the story and Shakespeare?s quotation are as follows. When Maria Concepci?n catches Maria Rosa and Juan making out, she gets very pissed and a feeling of vengeance surges. Maria Concepci?n could decide to get or not get revenge, she gets to choose it. Therefore ?blood is in her hand?. The fact that Juan doesn?t care, just gives Maria Concepci?n another reason for revenge. After those circumstances, she wants to make Juan suffer and kill Maria Rosa as a vengeance. To conclude I must say that if you decide to kill someone in revenge, you will always carry it in your conscience. Because killing someone is not the solution for problems. I think violence must be left aside and speech should always be the way of resolving issues. But also you must respect others and be careful because you never know when someone will want vengeance on you.

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