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Urban Terror League | Is Alive The League is alive

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Hi Guys,


I posted recently in refernece to starting up a Urban Terror League..


Well it is all now a go go go


I am a member of the clan morbidWRAITH our site is http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (hosted with Xisto of course :) )


Although we at <MW> are a gaming clan we are also trying to get a bit of a community going as well, Here in England it seems that the whole Lan scene has died off a bit and as such we are going to be starting a regualr event on the the south coast of England, Although as a clan we are mainly a Urban Terror focused group we also plan on having our dedicated server (specs at the bottom) running a COD 4 / 5 dedicated and also a left for dead dedicated


But anyway just to start building the community side of things up we are going to start hosting a FFA UrT league via our community site !


Below is roughly how it will run but of course people can suggest idea's and I may take them on Posted Image


- We will run 1 evenning a week FFA official match on our dedicated server based in Berkshire


- The server will be up all week and stats will be tracked but only those from the match evenning will be counted


- It will not go on Frags it will be a top 5 system so

1st place gets 5pts

2nd place gets 4pts

3rd place gets 3pts

4th palce gets 2pts

5th place gets 1pts

- Not sure whether it will be 1 or 2 maps or just set amount of time on a random map


- You must be registered on the community site as you will have to upload demo's and it will all be linked with your

profile page.


- http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ is the web site to register at


- <MW>Ins@tiable will be admining the events so if you have any problems or queries you can get hold of her !


You can get hold of me via IRC #wraith.clan on quakenet

or via my isntant messenger here


Anyway laters guys




Server Specs


Dual Athlon x2 5000


4gb Ram


1tb Hard Drive


2 Gigabyte Network Cards (1 up 1 down)


2 x Cisco 24 man switches

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