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Dojo Friend or foe?

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Hi there. How many of you have played around with the Dojo Javascript library? I recently began using it on a new project and there are a lot of things I like about it. It offers nifty aesthetic modal dialogs, tooltip dialogs, etc. (Dijit Theme Tester) for logins or other forms. There are many more little "widgets" (Dojo Campus - Feature Explorer) or in this case "dijits" but there are also more powerful weapons such as Dojox grid (SitePen Blog ť Dojo Grids: Diving Deeper), xhrGet and xhrPost (Dojo Example: xhrGet and xhrPost | Dojo Forum)for AJAX which are also powerful little functions. So let me way the pros and cons from a beginner's point of view. The grid is great, but it was a bear to get initialized. It work fine on my localhost but when I uploaded it to the remote website I got nothing. No response, no cryptic error message, just an empty box. So I spent a day hacking away hoping to see something in the hateful little box. The next day my brother came along and said, "have you tried [grid.startup();] in your onload?" Woot! It worked, and to think I couldn't find that anywhere in all of the tutorials.
Before that I implemented the xhrPost(); function instead of old bulky XHTTP functions I was using with success, save one small issue. The data got written to the database, but the function which is supposed to fire only fired once in a rare while. Needless to say I inderted many records into the database without knowing it. Then yesterday the function randomly decided to start firing evey time. I may never know why.
In summary, Dojo is powerful, and it's cool. But if you're new to javascript libraries give yourself time, go over all the basic tutorials, and plan out well what you want to do. Learn and using Dojo will be a battle, the difficulty probably depends somewhat on your skill a a javascipt coder and the difficult of the project at hand.
Happy coding!

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