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Starting An Online Gaming Clan how to start a gaminging clan

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Hello fellow clan leaders,


I take it that by reading this post, that you like me are a clan leader, or on the verge of starting your own clan. (Good on you, it way one of the best things I have ever done, apart from divorcing the wife).


I started gaming way back in the ZX81 days (yes I am an old duffer). Any way I have put together all that I have learnt about running a successful gaming clan. In one place.



It's called the "clan leaders manual" I will not link to it here, but if you Google it you will see it.



In there are lots of tips about starting and running a gaming clan.



It's not easy to start a gaming clan; it's even harder to run a successful one.



It covers lots of topics including



Start up tips



Running servers



Populating your servers



Sorting the running costs



Even how to deal with difficult members



I hope you find it useful




Here is an example chapter only one for the 18 chapters I have done.



Populating your server


so you have a server, how are you going to get people playing on it?


Well if you started the server early in the games life you should find no problem in getting people to play on the server, but if you start the server later on in the games life you have to work hard to get players. There are how ever some tips and tricks get players on to your server.


Once plays find a server that they like they add it to there favourites, when they restart the game the first place they look is in there favourites folder, and only looking for a new server when threes is empty or full of nutters.


Sit in your server.

Its up to you get people in, even if you have to sit in an empty server for an hour. Some people will turn up after a time. Just do it


leave your player in spectator.

No one looks for an empty server to play in, ask you members and do it your self, on the server listing your sever might look like it has 10 players in even though 4 are in spectator.


Let players use you team speak.

This will be a big plus to the public and they will tell there friends. It can have problems but you can remover this option latter. It can all so be a good way of recruiting members.


Have a good set of rules

before you start your server you should set out some rules, and put them on you web site.


Talk to people.


There is nothing nicer that getting a good shot on some one, and they turn round and tell you how good it was. Think about it; if you was the member of public playing on the server and when you shot the clan leader he gave you a mouthful would you hand around.


Play poplar maps,

in the early days it pays to only play the poplar maps, players will often seek them out in the multiplayer lobby.


Be nice to newbie's

They me be annoying, not knowing how to plant a bomb etc, but every one was new once. Help them they will get better. They will come back time after time, make sure you have told them how to add your server to there favourites


Next is getting members to your clan


remember Google "clan leaders manual"

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That's awesome, goldmine of information, why didn't you post the link? I think its allowed to post informational website links here. So here's the link to the manual:

Great work LYNX. The amount of information you have written speaks for itself the experience you have in gaming clans. Kudos  :)

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