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Clan Cold Fear Recruiting Everyone Join Please

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This is a new clan its called: Clan Cold Fear

The requirements are Combat level 40+

The Clan Website Is:


Please Read Every Topic On The Clan Forum Before You Post A Application. (If you aren't able to find the website this is the information).

Clan Rules:

1.Respect Each Other:

Everyone in the clan has a say if u disagree with someone keep it to yourself its better to know your right than to bring an argument to people within the clan.


2. No Breaking RS Rules Intentionally:

If u get banned from runescape for breaking their rules you will be removed from the clan for not having a member reaching the requirements you will be allowed to rejoin back when u have a account that meets them.


3. Do Not Bring The Clan Name Into Disrepect:

When you join this clan you represent this clan your actions are held for everyone within the clan. Do no do stuff to make C.F look bad.


4. No Leaking Private Information:

What is said in C.F stays in C.F you must not at all means show or tell people outside of the clan what is on our private boards or show them anyone found doing this will be kicked instantly.


5. No Personal Arguments On The Forums:

If you have a problem with someone in the clan and you both can't sort it out amongst yourselves then come to me and i will help you both sort it out.


6. No Attacking Clan Members:

At all means you do not attack another clan member in PvP.


7. No Praying 1 V 1:

Do not pray 1v1 unless they prayed first or you just won a fight and collecting your winnings and they try to Pj you.


8. No Teleporting or Logging:

Do not Teleport away or log out during combat unless giving permission.


9. No 1 Iteming:

No coming on pvp trips with just 1 item.


10: No Flaming On Forums:

Post your ideas on the forums in a mature way and not a load of spam and keep away from name calling. Name calling is to be left outside Runescape and the Forums remember you represent Corrupt Forces behave in a mature way.


11: No Racist Comments:

No exceptions no excuses any posts containing a racist comment will result in you being kicked or banned.


12: Keep your forums account secure:

Only you and you alone is allowed to use your forum account. Make sure its a memorable and hard password to guess.


13: No Pjing:

At all means do not Pj a player unless its a act of revenge or you have proof they did it first.


14: No Autoing, No Backstabbing, No Scamming.


lvl 40+

The Clan Cape(Its To Be Decided Yet)

Let All Your Friends Know About This Clan And Get Them To Join Since Its A New Clan We Need Members


Clan World:TBD

Clan Cape:TBD

Join Clan Application:

Clan App:

Runescape Username:


ScreenShot of Stats:


Combat Level:


Are you F2P or P2P:


Do you have any F2P Pking Experience:


How long have you been playing Runescape:


Describe yourself as a runescape player:


Reason for wanting to join:


Last Clans in:

Reasons for leaving/Kicked:


Do you agree to follow the rules throughout the time you are in Cold Fear:


Do you see yourself going inactive anytime soon:


Do you plan to keep on training till max stats:

or are you happy with your current stats:


Do you know any members in the clan:


Do you have problems with any of the members:


What time zone do you live in:

If you do not know what country do you live in:


How Often do you Pk:


Do you have any Warring/Teamwork/Clan Experience:

If you do answer these questions:

Do you know what "DD" stands for:(Explain)

Do you know what "Off" means:(Explain)

Do you know what "Falls in" means:(Explain)

Do you know what "Piling" means:(Explain)


How would you help this clan as a whole:

All The Best, Stealth1312

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