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Conflicker Worm: Possible April 1st Payload

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Well April 1st is coming and the hot topic today is Conflicker Worm, and its latest version of C, some expets believe Conflicker might leave a payload on April Fool's day. The problem with this latest version of Conflicker is this, version A would use 250 domain names in which was manageable by those trying to control it, however, Conflicker C is said to use up to 50,000 domain names a day.


Posted ImageIt was mentioned earlier that a team has begin hunting down the first computer that got infected with, but that task is easier said then done though. Since the University that is doing this task is going millions of gigs worth of data to find the point of origin on this worm.


Either way, with April 1st just 6 days away it is highly reccomend that you update your computers ASAP making sure your get the Microsoft Patches and your Anti-virus software patches as well for this specific worm. Microsoft is providing a free online scan for your system to see if your protected by the worm and give it a run through Internet Explorer and see if you get a conflicker warning or not.


So far no one has claimed the $250,000 bounty, but I guess Microsoft is still waiting for someone to step up and say they know how to stop the worm. Well if a worm is going through 50,000 domains a day I don't think the original creators can stop it and in a way they unleashed a very bad beast because the payloads that people are wiating for have yet to come and with April 1st on the way who knows they might strike on that day.










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