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Pay-to-click Site Reviews And An Insider-view...

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I see that a heck of a lot of people are trying to throw out the awareness of PTC sites. They seem promising, easy, and too good to be true. And of course, after some digging, I found an awesome BlogPoster that seems to have been exposed to every single site out there. And there are a TON.




I think that those of you who are into PTC should definitely search through this person's blog. Sift through and do your research on your PTC site! I know that she's a little terse with her descriptions, but remember KISS... not to mention that she's a mother of three, a teacher, AND a blogger keeping track of all of these sites.


I'm sure that a lot of you are lazy and want to know where the real-paying sites are. For those of you who have ADD and might miss the link on the right-hand side of her BlogSpot main page, I present to you an awesome compilation of sites that do pay, along with how much this same woman has been paid as "proof."


Clicky 2


Take it with a grain of salt, add it to your knowledge base of PTCs, follow and worship her very words, or ignore it... it's your call. I hope this helps you guys out. (I'm assuming that her work is legit, but there's no real reason why she would do all of this just to lead you to her recommendations... unless there's a referral link to every single one of them.) :D


Also, if you do decide to sign up for a program that she recommends, please take into consideration who gave you the information. Send her an e-mail or look to see what Andria's member ID for that PTC is, and make her your referral. After all, she did work pretty darn hard to figure all of this stuff out. :D

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