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Joomla Extentions Can anyone help me identify some extentions made

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Hey guys, I'm reviewing an existing joomla site that was built by someone else who did not leave any documentation what so ever. They have added extensions obviously and I am somewhat new to joomla and cannot distinguish what is core joomla stuff and what has been added on. Any help would be appreciated in identifying whats been added and what is already there by default. Joomla version is 1.5.8 I believe.

Heres a listing of database tables;

suffix is tm_

 op_database tm_avrbak_avr_player  tm_avrbak_avr_ripper tm_avrbak_avr_tags tm_avr_player tm_avr_popup tm_avr_ripper tm_avr_tags tm_banner - CORE tm_bannerclient - CORE tm_bannertrack - CORE tm_categories - CORE tm_ccnewsletter_acknowledgement tm_ccnewsletter_newsletters tm_ccnewsletter_subscribers tm_components - CORE tm_contact_details - CORE tm_content - CORE tm_content_frontpage - CORE tm_content_rating - CORE tm_- CORE_acl_aro - CORE tm_- CORE_acl_aro_groups - CORE tm_- CORE_acl_aro_map - CORE tm_- CORE_acl_aro_sections - CORE tm_- CORE_acl_groups_aro_map - CORE tm_- CORE_log_items - CORE tm_- CORE_log_searches - CORE tm_easyfaq tm_easyfaq_categories tm_easyfaq_tags tm_easyfaq_tags_mapping tm_fabrik_calendar_events tm_fabrik_connections tm_fabrik_cron tm_fabrik_elements tm_fabrik_formgroup tm_fabrik_forms tm_fabrik_form_sessions tm_fabrik_groups tm_fabrik_joins tm_fabrik_jsactions tm_fabrik_packages tm_fabrik_plugins tm_fabrik_tables tm_fabrik_validations tm_fabrik_visualizations tm_groups - CORE tm_jce_extensions tm_jce_groups tm_jce_plugins tm_jp_exclusion tm_jp_inclusion tm_jp_profiles tm_jp_registry tm_jp_stats tm_jp_temp tm_jvideo_thumbnails tm_menu - CORE tm_menu_types - CORE tm_messages - CORE tm_messages_cfg - CORE tm_migration_backlinks - CORE tm_modules - CORE tm_modules_menu - CORE tm_newsfeeds - CORE tm_ops_agents tm_ops_menu tm_ops_menulinks tm_ops_pages tm_ops_permissions tm_ops_permissionsrel tm_ops_rostering tm_ops_suburbs tm_ops_user tm_phocagallery tm_phocagallery_categories tm_phocagallery_comments tm_phocagallery_user_category tm_phocagallery_votes tm_phocagallery_votes_statistics tm_plugins - CORE tm_polls - CORE tm_poll_data - CORE tm_poll_date - CORE tm_poll_menu - CORE tm_quickfaq_categories tm_quickfaq_cats_item_relations tm_quickfaq_favourites tm_quickfaq_files tm_quickfaq_files_item_relations tm_quickfaq_items tm_quickfaq_tags tm_quickfaq_tags_item_relations tm_redirection tm_rokcandy tm_rquotes tm_sections - CORE tm_session - CORE tm_sh404sef_aliases tm_sh404SEF_meta tm_simplyFlashGallery tm_stats_agents - CORE tm_sv_apptpro_bookoffs tm_sv_apptpro_categories tm_sv_apptpro_config tm_sv_apptpro_errorlog tm_sv_apptpro_paypal_transactions tm_sv_apptpro_pp_currency tm_sv_apptpro_requests tm_sv_apptpro_resources tm_sv_apptpro_services tm_sv_apptpro_timeslots tm_sv_apptpro_tokens tm_sv_apptpro_udfs tm_sv_apptpro_udfvalues tm_templates_menu - CORE tm_tmp_jvideos_categories tm_tmp_jvideo_thumbnails tm_to_agentproducts tm_to_bookings tm_to_deletedproducts tm_to_ipn tm_to_products tm_to_vars tm_users - CORE tm_vm_affiliate tm_vm_affiliate_sale tm_vm_auth_group tm_vm_auth_user_group tm_vm_auth_user_vendor tm_vm_cart tm_vm_category tm_vm_category_xref tm_vm_country tm_vm_coupons tm_vm_creditcard tm_vm_csv tm_vm_currency tm_vm_export tm_vm_function tm_vm_manufacturer tm_vm_manufacturer_category tm_vm_module tm_vm_orders tm_vm_order_history tm_vm_order_item tm_vm_order_payment tm_vm_order_status tm_vm_order_user_info tm_vm_payment_method tm_vm_product tm_vm_product_attribute tm_vm_product_attribute_sku tm_vm_product_category_xref tm_vm_product_discount tm_vm_product_download tm_vm_product_files tm_vm_product_mf_xref tm_vm_product_price tm_vm_product_product_type_xref tm_vm_product_relations tm_vm_product_reviews tm_vm_product_type tm_vm_product_type_1 tm_vm_product_type_parameter tm_vm_product_votes tm_vm_shipping_carrier tm_vm_shipping_label tm_vm_shipping_rate tm_vm_shopper_group tm_vm_shopper_vendor_xref tm_vm_state tm_vm_tax_rate tm_vm_userfield tm_vm_userfield_values tm_vm_user_info tm_vm_vendor tm_vm_vendor_category tm_vm_visit tm_vm_waiting_list tm_vm_zone_shipping tm_weblinks - CORE tm_xmap tm_xmap_ext tm_xmap_sitemap

I've I identified one so far I think and its http://fabrikar.com/ . I appears to be some kind of app builder but I still do not know how much of the site has been using it. Any information and help much appreciated thanks.

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