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Hello vaird Posted Image and welcome to Trap 17 from Mich in Michigan, USA.


Glad you found us and all the clan fans :D on board here. Just make sure you don't post a lot of one-liners, they are considered spam. It is not the number of posts you make, but the quality that earns you myCENTs.


Will you be looking for hosting or are you just participating in the forum? Whichever, look forward to seeing you around the boards. :D

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Hello vaird. One big and warm welcome to you.
I am proud to see that this community is growing and growing...
First read the rules, the readmes, the guides, the annoucements, the news and the other Xisto and Xisto anc Xisto - Web Hosting related things.
After that, you will know how we are earning myCENTs.
myCENTs represent your virtual money for here. Each myCENT is one US Cent.
Also make sure that you register here:
with the same e-mail address as on the forums.
So post quality, good and long posts, and you will start with earning myCENTs.
When you reach 100 myCENTs, it will be deposited at Xisto as US dollars.
With them, you can buy goods and services that Xisto has to offer.
Have a nice stay, have and make fun, make new friends, meet new people, share ideas and knowledge and learn something new with us, in this beautiful community.
All the best,
Stefan Pavikevik.

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