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How Efficient Would A Trap17 Vps Be for a gaming server

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Hi Guys,This one is mainly aimed at the hosts of Xisto.com Basically I will be renting a VPS rom yourselfs mainly for multiple websites etc, But what I would like to know is the specs of your VPS as there is not that much on thee https://xisto.com/ websiteSuch as Proccessor :Connection :Also how many VPS do you host on each server ?would I get a whole core to myself or would I be sharing ?Would I get a set amount of processor cycles ?I know these are all small questions but I would really like them answered To other members of Xisto.com Have you got a VPS hosted with Xisto.com and are you running a game server on it ?If so have you got an ip that i could ping to get a ruff average ?What games do you run and how well do they run ? If this is a repeat of another topic I am sorry just seems that the information is not on the site...Cheers guyswebsey

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