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Web That Makes Your Homework ethically correct?

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Reading the sports section of the online diary, I've gone across one article where it showed a french page where, when paying the required amount, they will make your homework. The webpage name is faismesdevoirs.com (from french "Make my homework").

Now, yes, you've read alright, you have to pay to get it done. When I first read "5 euros for the service" I guessed that it was some kind of monthly bill, or something like that. But no. A list shows the following prices:
-5 euros to resolve in a 24-hours term a maths problem, which can have as max. 3 questions.
-10 euros if it's about History.
-25 euros for 4 physics problems.
-30 euros for Geography help.
-80 euros for making an essay.

I, personally, think that the prices are a bit high.
And that's not all, it leaves us with the moral discussion if it's either ok or bad to have someone else make your homework. You can learn, it's true, but most of the times I guess they would just receive it and that's all. I don't think they're going to teach one and every of those that pay the services.
What's do you think about this? Is it ethically correct or not? I say not.

Also, I would prefer not to do it if I had to pay (I'm too lazy anyway). :D

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