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How To Get This Photoshop Effect?

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My guess is layer blending, setting the pattern layer with perhaps Overlay. They have two pattern layers, one for the wall and one for the floor. They probably used a layer mask to remove any parts they didn't want on the clothes, etc. I don't think there's much "magic" going on. You'll have to find your own stock image and loop pattern to test it out yourself.

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Here is the convo I had with this guy last night on IM.

Ryan You want to find a pic of the pattern you want, copy it into PS and select a rectangle (M key) and make a box from one point on a shape in the pattern to the same point on the next repeated shape. Ryan If it's a good pattern this will already be repeatable.
Ryan Then you go to Edit > Define Pattern
Ryan This saves it amrit go on..superb thx...
Ryan no prob
Ryan If it doesn't look right, a great way to do a pattern is to crop the image (V key) to the pattern and try offset filter: Filter > Other > Offset. offset the image and you will see where the seam is. (Edit: Offset in X and Y about 1/2 the image width and height)
Ryan If you clean up the seam, it will be PERFECT.
Ryan Then Select All (Ctrl + A) and Edit > Define Pattern
Ryan Next thing you want to do is go into the pic you want to add the pattern to
Ryan Make a new layer
Ryan Select All
Ryan Edit > Fill
Ryan Select Pattern
Ryan Then pick the pattern you just made
Ryan Click OK.
Ryan You should see the pattern fill the screen
Ryan I would set the layer at 40% transparency
Ryan Then clear your screen of toolbars, zoom out so you have a good view of the ENTIRE pic
Ryan Go Ctrl+T. This will let you transform the pattern
Ryan Experiment with getting it to look like it's the right size and perspective for the wall.
Ryan You can hold down Ctrl to distort each corner
Ryan If it looks good double click in the image and it will set it
Ryan Before you go any further I would make a copy of the layer and hide it for backup
Ryan and save
Ryan Then use the eraser to erase the pattern where it doesn't belong
Ryan I'm doing something similar real quick as I'm telling you so give me a minute
Ryan Buy a tablet if you want to get serious with PS
Ryan Now I don't know what your pattern looks like, but depending on the colors, contrast, etc... Overlay, Soft Light, or Normal transparencies would look best. Probably Overlay
Ryan Adjust the Opacity until it looks natural...
Ryan Once it looks good...
Ryan It looks like this.

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