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Kingdom Hearts 2 (for Ps2) Discussion on the second kingdom hearts plus help and tips.

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My name is Mandy Estelle. I have beaten Kingdom Hearts two all the way through on proud mode. It is a fantastic game that I highly recommend if you have not played it. Anyways, this is for help, discussion, and tips.... -Valor mode helps you turn into antisora which is a secret form that is TOTALLY awesome... -Use the moogles to get the ultimate weapons for all the team members-Sephiroth is really hard to beat but there are a couple of good meathods. Just ask me.-To level up fast, go to the world that never was and kick some butt... nobodies there are like 1000 exp each and respawn. Plus that place is awesome and has cool scenery. Win win people, come on.-When you attack just press x like all the time. Just get all up in their face and dont stop. I usually dont even get a scratch.-On the struggle competition, that arrogant seifer that asks you to lose on purpose... well if you DO lose on purpose he gives you a reward. Its this thing you ONLY get from him that raises stats. It is extremely useful that early in the game.-Collect all the moogle ingredients you possibly can. You will need them!!!If you have anything else to contribute, go ahead!

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