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Book Review: Php Programming For The World Wide Web Visual Quickstart Guide (3rd Edition)

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Well I thought I give another book review as this is my forth book in the visual QuickStart Guide Series that I have. If you have read my other reviews on this series you have a good idea what this book is about and this it is all about and that in this book you will be learning basics of PHP programming. I would have to say this is a great book for beginners especially if you want to learn the basics pretty dark quickly without needing to vist a hundred websites or get one of those 1000 page books on PHP programming.


On top of that, this book doesn't stick to one example and then cover everything about PHP, but uses specific examples that you would use PHP more on instead of going all over the place. Also some of the PHP tutorials I cover come from this book with my own interpretation but still it is a good book to get a good grasp of basic PHP functions, shortcode, operators and so on. Also, the book comes with a website in which you can download all the source code examples and either just look at them or even modify them for your own use as you learn how to program in PHP.


So I would recommend picking up this book, but if you can't I would have least check out the book's website out and download some source code to try out in order to get your PHP skills up to snuff.

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