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Last Man Standing - Premier League Soccer Competition Pick the team your sure will win to progress to the nesxt round.

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A simple game lads to keep this site totally football fun.



1) Pick 1 Premier League team per week out of the ten games. (I will post the list of games mid-week, weekly).

2) The team you pick must WIN their game in order for you to progress to the next weeks round.

3) You cannot pick the same team twice. eg Once you use Man Utd you cannot pick Man Utd again in any future round.

4) Your selection must be posted before the first game kicks off. (This time will be posted along with the fixture lists mid-week)

5) You may change your selection as many times as you wish, but the last post you make before the deadline time is your final choice.



Week One: I pick Everton. Everton win their game. I progress to Week Two.

Week Two: I pick Man Utd. Man Utd draw their game. I loose, I'm out.


Simple as that.


My next post on this thread will be the fixture list and the deadline you have to pick your team. I will do this weekly.

The post after that will be my selection. This is how I would like people to post their team, just so it is easy for people to read.


Its cup games this weekend so they dont count, Only Premier League.



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Trap17 - Round 1


Aston Villa v Chelsea

Arsenal v Sunderland

Bolton v West Ham

Middlesbrough v Wigan

Stoke City v Portsmouth

Man Utd v Blackburn

Fulham v West Brom

Liverpool v Man City

Newcastle v Everton

Hull City v Tottenham


Pick One Team from above and post on this thread before the deadline: Saturday 21st Feb 12:45

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Just to remind you all that this competition is FREE and the deadline is at 12:45 Saturday, today.Its easy to progress, just pick your selection from the list above.Or is that too hard???

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