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Php/mysql Cheat Sheets

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I thought I do some more cheat posts that I found on the next and I thought I toss in a combination of cheat sheets since these two work side by side with each other.

The first cheat sheet is for PHP in which it lists date formats, regular expressions and some common functions as well, but I am unsure of how current it is since PHP 5 or rather PHP 6. Either way I think these are common enough that it wouldn't really matter which version of PHP you are using and so you can download it here.

The next cheat sheet is for MySQL database platform and list pretty much all the stuff you can do within MySQL, of course it would help to know what everything does. Thus you would need to know about MySQL just be able to use the cheat sheet as a quick reference then anything else, but I am a bit surprise how much you can do in MySQL. Of course, I am not much of a database programmer and so those who do it for a living might not be as surprised and so you can download it here.

Now that you have these two cheat sheets you won't have to go through all the books, visit all the websites just to make sure you type the syntax correctly. Of course, it is always good to have a few books and know some website to help you learn how to program in PHP and MySQL.

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