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Hewlett Packard Fuser Years more life in those old laser printers

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This is a simple turotial to keep those HP Laser Printers running for a few more years... The only reason most people upgrade or dispose of their old laser is the cost of the fuser replacement. However we start by telling you why this is.In basic terms, the page counter is linked to a large capacitor which, when it reaches a certain number, allows this capacitor to fire a (very) large charge into the fuser unit forcing you to spend more than the thing is worth in buying a new one.... or does it?The fuser is the part of the printer which 'bonds' the ink to the paper - think of it like a high pressure, very hot iron - In actual fact, all this capacitor does is too blow a fuse which renders your printer useless.BEFORE PROCEEDING, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SWITCHED OFF AND REMOVED BOTH THE PLUG FROM THE WALL SOCKET AND CONNECTING CABLES..........To start, obviously all printers are not designed the same way so I avoid the particular method of access to unit itself else this will become a novel (in volumes); suffice to say the fuser is the unit located between the toner and the output rollers on the base of the (engine) internal unit. HP (used) to have the manuels online and I am sure with some patients and fortitude you will find them there still but even in the worst case it should only require removing four screws at most to remove the cover.Remove the fuser unit from the printer, another four screws in the average assembly. On one side of the fuser will be a plastic cover held by one screw, remove this and there you will see a component wired across the two heavey pins, this is the fuse.You need to cut this fuse out using small side cutter ensuring you leave about one centimeter either side i.e. don't cut up against the component itself but away from it. Either get a replacement from your local electronics or tv repair shop or use a piece of good old fashioned 5 (five) amp fuse wire and solder across the gap.Re-assemble and enjoy quality, low cost printing until the next '000 pages...Foot note:- HP used to use cannon engines as did most large scale manufacturers so you should be able to use the same method across a wide spectrum of laser printers but now you know how easy it is find out.... BEWARE TRYING ON TECHTRONIX THIS IS A LONG WINDED PROCESS TO UN_INSTALL AND RE_INSTALL A FUSER UNIT...

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