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Agoracart.com Website and Shopping cart system.

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I Come to the conclusion that this site and cart system is not worth the time and effort you have to put into it.

First of all, the cart it self is complicated. Things like categories are hard coded so you have to hunt down the file they are in and edit them, then hope like hell you don't typo when adding your products. If you do, forget it, it's not getting added. Now they have detailed documents that explain how to do this with the assumption that you already know your way around the system. God forbid you've never used it before.

Now back to their website. I've considered the fact that you might have to be registered and logged in to find some of their resources, templates and what not. However, getting registered is the hard part. No matter what e-mail address I used I got "That does not look like a valid email" I'm sorry I don't have any other e-mails. WTF?

Now for those areas you try to access without being registered, the "For Merchants" section, happens to be under construction, as is the downloads section, the templates section shows you the templates that come with the default install and nothing else. As do the buttons. If you look at the copywrite at the bottom is says

Š 2001 - 2008 K-Factor Technologies, Inc.

You would think after 7 years they would have completed construction on the site and all areas would be accessible. This is of course the free version of the cart were talking about. I haven't looked at the "Gold" Paid version, perhaps that is maintained properly. But after an attempt to use the free version I'm completely turned off the cart all together.

So, website I give a 6/10 simply because it's a good informative site about their cart, just hope you never need support for anything.

I give the cart a 5/10. It's looks like a secure system if you know what your doing it would probably be a good cart system if you don't plan on adding anything after it's initially set up. But still, Not for a beginner who doesn't know a whole lot of coding for this type of thing.

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