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Phpbb Problems Well this is such a simple problem lol he say

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Hi Guys,

I havent been on for awhile because of work etc but I just had to post this after having a bit of a headache this morning with it....

Well i have set up a forum on my hosting space http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Well i thought wouldnt it be nice to put up a nice new styl... so i went and found this nice style sett for phpBB 3x well i thought nice and easy unzip upload install lol yeah and the rest

well after installing the style i realised i could no longer post on my forum not for any other reason than there were no buttons post / topic etc

well i thought i would try another style nope and another nope same problem with each other than the original ones so after a bit of shouting and cursing the powers that be i thought alright lets see what the phpBB forums have on it so of i toddled to have a look and could find nothing, nothing in the FAQ nothing no where so a bit dismayed i thought sod it i will take the styles etc off and just use one of the originals a bit bland but it does the job....

anyway as i was going through my ftp account later in the day i thought what items are these styles missing well a long story short they were not missing anything but what was wrong is the region that trap 17 / xisto host install phpBB in is en_us not just en well all these styles the buttons were all en not en_us so after a bit of renaming there you go the buttons work im happy i ahvent got my clan leader screaming at me down teamspeak about the fact he cannot post on the new forum...

lol anyway just a thought and a moan but if you have the same problem i hope this has helped



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