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Changing Eye Color In Paint Shop Pro 8 ***This doesnt work with photoshop***

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Okay so I have been contemplating color contacts for a while (the plano kind of course, having 20/20 vision roxs!) and wanted to try on colors with out paying for the doctor's visit. So I used paint shop pro. The tools in paint shop pro not only vary from those in photoshop, but I think they vary slightly from version to version of PSP. It can be adapted to versions 6 and up.


Okay so for this tutorial, I will be using Edward Cullen's photo:




MMMM! So sexy! Hahaha. Okay sorry.


Open up Paint Shop Pro.


Paste the photo as a new image (Ctrl+V)


Go over to the layer toolbar. It will look like this:


Posted Image


And click the new RASTER layer button.


This dialogue box will come up:


Posted Image


Name your new raster layer eye color. (Technically you don't have to name it, it just avoids confusion if you plan on doing other speciall effects.)


Then go over to your tools toolbar and select airbrush. For this picture, I used a size 5 airbrush with a hardness of 50.


Now go over to your materials pallet and select the color you would like his eyes to be. I used gold in the spirit of twilight but it can be just any color. . .even pink!


Airbrush the IRISES (not the pupil) with your gold color. It should look like this:


Posted Image


Now for simplicity's sake, I just stuck to one color, but if you want to add other rings of color or some shading, knock yourself out. However, don't add highlights to the eyes. (The little white dots that show up in the eyes when light hits them).


Go back to the layer toolbar and look left of the transparancy slider. (You may have to scroll.) You will see a button that says "normal". Click that and select dodge.


Now, you will have some REALLY bright colored eyes, so make that layer transparent. I used about 62% transparancy on it, because gold ends up really really really bright. Adjusting the transparancy also helps since the eye's natural coronas show throw.


Here is the finished product:



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