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To Me 1980s-1990's Was The Best Television Ever

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A couple of days ago I had look up a television block that I used to watch as a kid called SNICK or Saturday Nickelodeon, basically a two hour block of some great children programming. So I started to think about all the television programs that I remember watching as a kid and came to a realization, 1980s-1990s had some of best programs for both children, teens and adults. Then I thought to myself what the hell happen to all that great programming as it is pretty much violence and reality TV since then, sure I watch my share of it because I enjoy it, but there is nothing descent on anymore and the only way to watch it now is to buy DVDs and you be lucky if they even get past the first season of shipping them out. Sure I am a bit older but still I watch cartoons now and then, who doesn't? I know I am going to get at least a few posts saying stop crying and just stop watching TV and blah blah blah, but this post isn't a rant, it is more like my opinion and so that is what this topic about but also tosses a question do you agree or disagree about what I talked about? Sure the golden era of TV was the 50-60's but I think television hit its peak in the mid 90's before reality shows started popping up, like Road Rules and stuff like that. What else can I say that I haven't talk about earlier about my thoughts on television series I haven't seen in like 15+ years, I just believe it can't be top regardless what is on right now in the 21st century. So on that note what do you think was the best decade of TV?

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