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Love Me Please, Not! soul of poetry, not the body of my mind

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love me!

love me please, not!

today i lust

tomorrow why not, my sorrow!

while dreaming of you,

in my plain text, shining!

too bad I lost you with a bet

on life itself, just breathing!

the sharp ending of what i say will brake you

this spear of words unsaid will hurt you

my feelings just for you, the lonely self

here I am, taking my heart out

just to show you love and sympathy, why not!

tearing me apart, you're braking me, slowly!

into pieces like glass and dust, you won!

surely I do deserve, all that!

and here I am, the lonely part of fifty fifty

nonsense and the rest of that nasty crap

stop pointing that finger

stop saying it's all my fault!

because it ain't, it never was, like that!

just a lonely fifty fifty part

bleeding foolishly, this is my heart, ...not!


love me!

a thousand years.

love me please! not.

a thousand miles of shaderred memories

a thousand miles of broken hearts

a thousand miles of sweet tears

a thousand chances for you and me

a thousand people like you, not.

a thousand years never seem too much, besides you.

a thousand years to feel your love again,

I'll wait for sure, I'll eat the pain, why not!


...painting you a thousand years in my heart!

love me please... not!

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