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Everything About Our Billing System? Shopping System? Support Center. XistoSupport.com : Billing, Shopping Support

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1. What is Xisto - Support.com/billing?


https://support.xisto.com/ - This is our official Billing & Support area where we have been servicing Xisto - Web Hosting and Xisto clients. This is one center where all support and sales queries are handled.





2. Why must we sign up here?


So that we can deposit virtual currency into your account. The myCENTS earned by posting in our forums are converted to US Dollars and deposited into your billing account. This deposited money can be used for purchasing products and services offered by Xisto.





3. How will it help me?


If you are an existing customer, you can pay your invoices by the funds earned by forum posting. If you are a forum customer, you can use the funds earned through your forums to buy hosting, domain registration, digital certificates, dedicated IP etc.





4. I do not want to enter my personal details, what should I do?


If you do not enter your personal details, We will not allow any domain registration service into your account. Also, incase of any abuse or complaints, accounts with fake info. will be considered spam and will be deleted. Members with fake information will not be allowed to purchase/own dedicated IP as well.





5. It mentions money, should we pay ?


You are not supposed to pay anything. As long as you are active on our forums and earning enough revenue to pay your invoices, you do not have to pay. As there is no need. However, if for any reason, you are unable to collect enough myCENTS to clear your invoices, you have the option of using your credit card and covering up the same.





6. What if I dont want the Logic plan?



You are free to choose any package offered by Xisto - Web Hosting.com / Xisto - Support.com.





7. Can any one see my personal details? How can I prevent the world from seeing my personal details?



The WHOIS information of any domain reveals the personal information. Members with Privacy Option ON need not worry about their personal information being available on the Web. Privacy Protection for Domains is offered for FREE to our customers.

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