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lil poetry

I Am My Own

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Were I?m from we live cautiously under certain rulesyou can?t escape destiny as we live through expectationslike an unwanted pregnancy life full of complicationsmovement forward halted as fate holds our ankles in shacklesin darkness as the strong wind blows away our candlesour world in darkness as the light can?t get throughthe bad overshadows the good, youth paralysed by the hoodfor the young blood it?s a one way system straight to hellstill need tucking in but I?m spending a night in a jail cellstatistically they expect me to failwhen the going gets tough they expect me to baillike the weather the rain shows my painbut like spring beats winter I will prevail/when you get kicked down so low you can?t go furtheraint but one option left but to rise upshow your strength and determination to get upyour actions will wise up as you show you?ve grown upexpectations defeated as you rise to the challengeshow the world no one but you controls your destinylife is a series of negative and positive choicesyou hear the voices but do you take it?s advice/I was born in a world were wrong is rightwere people appreciated the dark instead of the lightforced to be savages to surviveso can you blame us for the way we liveI will conquer adversity as I create my own legacylegitimacy will bring order to the democracyI stand here not a product of your beliefsbut as a product of my wishes.

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