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Altered Movie Review review on the great horror flick altered...

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Yesterday I borrowed the movie Altered. It was a great horror film about people fighting an alien. It started of with 3 friends trying to hunt down an alien which killed one of their brothers. The managed to capture it and brought it back with them to a friends house. They couldn't kill it because if they did all the aliens would come. The alien finally breaks free and bites one of them and kills two of them. Basically this is one of those movies where you start of with a group of people and are left with like one or two. This movie is just one big hide and seek with the alien around this house in the middle of no where. It is a VERY VERY gross movie but i recommend it to anyone who enjoys some good horror like me. I would rate it 8.5/10 and to put that into perspective with other movies, the Exorcist is 7/10, the Grudge is 7.5/10 and BOO is 8.5/10. I love horror movies and have watched them all, this movie is one of the best horror movies. Very scary, interesting, gross and basically everything you want from a horror flick right?8.5/10 - ALTERED.

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