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Ej.am Review

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Hello Friends, i would like to share you my experience about ej.am free web hosting service.
This is a good free web host compared to others. They give no php restriction for us with standard cPanel feature.
They are post 2 host web hosting. To make a host, you must register at its forum and make 10 pst.Then you can create your web site by yourself, don`t need any posting application. In basic plan, you`ll be given 300mb space, 3GB bandwith, and 3x of cPanel feature.
To keep your account active, you must log in at least once in two weeks, only log in, no need to post, isn`t that great?
But the problem is.....
If you want to upgrade your account, you must post at least 30 post a month ^_^ . Too bad

That`s why poeple didn`t choose it. But if you need small host with no restriction, get hosted here.
If you need bigger plan, host your site in Xisto.com The best free web hosting ever :lol: .

Sorry if my grammar is bad

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Thanks for the review but Xisto has a bigger forum that ejam. they only have 10 000 members compared to the 50 000 Xisto has and 130 000 posts compared to the almost 400 000 posts Xisto has. the more members and posts a forum has the better because its easier to post if there is more to post about. have you ever visited a fairly new forum with not many members? its super boring there is nothing to do! so its easier to get hosting with Xisto because there is so much to post about. Everthing from science to gaming to health to religion!

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