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Today I was on my temporary server (srcds) and was messing around with the bots etc. It's a little laggy because it is ran on my computer and my upload speed sucks. Anyway, I have a few modifications/addons etc on it. I had Deathmatch, MB_Matrix, and a few others. I got a head shot on one of the bots, causing the server to go into focus/slow motion mode as Matrix does. :o Look at the picture. :)


Posted Image

See how the bot went backwards? :P My crosshairscale is that small you can hardly see it. It gives me the advantages of firing. (cl_crosshairscale 3000000000).


Next is a map called "breakfloor"


Posted Image

I did this one with bots and a few real players last night. Today I was on CS:S (well 30 minutes ago) and we destroyed all the glassfloor, so when we died, we'd respawn fast (because it is deathmatch) and we'd fall and die again and again and again. So, I typed (@rr = @restartround) I use Mani Admin Plugin, to restart the round. Again we did the same thing, but this time we left a big space to get under the wall.


So, what do you think of both screenshots? ;)


Vote witch screenshot you like best...


Let the voting begin! :P



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