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Be Gladiator

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Last few days i am addicted to an online game called Gladiatus Hero Of Rome. It has level ups and good ranking.



Official Link: https://us.gladiatus.gameforge.com/game/

Gladiatus is a browser game in which you take the role of a gladiator in roman times. With such features as an arena in which you can beat everybody and the dangers of the wilderness, it certainly has a


certain level of adventure.



The Graphics are pretty good for a browser game. The colors are pretty good. It is realistic graphics that bring you to Roman empire. Overall, it?s has the pretty graphics that Gameforge is known for but it


is clearly not their best



One thing that fascinate me is for sure simple ajaxed elements, where you can easily drag and drop elements, stuffs and equipments on your character or inventory. Just like we all used to play on regular


computer RPGs. The other features is the arena, in which you can challenge any player to a battle. You can challenge other players who are on your same level for free or challenge any player for 10 gold. The


game features a basic quest system which can be found at the tavern.



As the game disseminates-If you aren't afraid of the dangers of the wilderness, if you can proudly enter the arena and you are able to defeat everyone who challenges you - then enter the merciless world of




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