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Heroes Season 3 Episodes for mobiles [smartmovie]

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Heroes Season 3


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Episode 1: The Second Coming


Plot: Peter realizes that they made a great mistake by telling the world about their powers. Mohinder finds a way to gain powers by studying Maya's DNA. He tests it on himself and gains super strength.



Episode 2: The Butterfly Effect


Plot: Future Peter finds out that the changes he made are not causing what he had hoped. Furture Peter decides to hunt down the man whom he trapped Present Peter inside. Hiro and Ando continue their search for Daphne.


Episode 3: One of Us, One of Them


Plot: HRG gets a new partner, Hiro and Ando track Daphne to Germany, Tracy Strauss searches for answers about Niki, and four new villains are introduced.



Episode 4: I am Become Death


Plot: Seeing a future where nearly everyone has abilities, a world destined for destruction, Peter resolves to prevent this earth-shattering end whatever the cost and so takes on a dark, unwieldy ability to save the world gambling (wrong) that it wont destroy him and everything he loves first.




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