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lil poetry

Hip Hop

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Born of true blood got hip hop flowing in my veins they tried to kill us of, beat down and placed in chainslike Ali pound for pound they couldn?t out do medoing the rope-a-dope showing both brawn and brainswhen that track hits,I?m floating like a butterfly and stinging like a beeI?m here to show what rhythm can bring to the worldyet these *BLEEP*ers say we a bad influencecriticise our dress sense, our appearancealready judged, Hip Hop not given a chancenot given a fair trial, a tribunaland not praised for our had work, our diligenceour brilliance, our excellenceblame me for your children failing in lifeif so then show me the evidencewithout us, without our existencethose from the hood struggle to find financeand then you blame us for their crimescurse me for my rhymesthey killing us but I still raise up the peace signHip Hop is bigger than thatyour jealousy and constant talking just fuels usme breaking through is only a matter of progress cause I possess the talent to impress enabling my own successso I know I?m destined for great thingsthe history books opening thanks to the dream that is Hip Hop

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