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Acm South Pacific Region Programming Contest

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I took part in my first programming contest today it was fun but very hard at the same time. My team came 59 lol I know its bad but we did well for it being our first time. Makes you realize how much more smarter people are out there then you are :) The problems were tough, I had a hard time just reading the questions :). This is an international competition so winners from our region go on to represent us in the world finials. The event is sponsored by IBM. We got free t shirts and food :D. It took 5 hours though so I'm pretty beat now writing this.

All you other guys in the rest of the world would be having a regional competition soon too so find out about it at the website or your local university if you haven't already. Its a real good experience even if your not the best you should still have a go. It was great just to take part in something like this.

Scores for south pacific regional.


You can program your solution's in a number of languages they just supply you with problems that have sample input text and you are required to produce an output with their desired results.


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