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What's Your Outlook On The U.s. Economy? (as of September 2008)

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I would like to ask the opinions of Xisto to see where we think the market is going.The reason why I ask is because I'm sick of how the market is STILL on a downturn. Stocks are dropping and so are my mutual funds. I've been optimistic in having invested a bit more a couple of months ago, but recently I had to snag back those funds at a loss for emergency cash. The rest I've left invested, and as of today, I'm looking at over $1000 in losses. I'm wondering if anyone can advise me as to why I should keep my funds invested now or pull out and wait until early to mid-2009, where I think the market will maybe turn up better numbers.Reading up on some predictions from 2007 and early 2008, the market globally will be slowed down with the furthered weakening of the dollar and less global spending, and it looks like China will remain balanced even with the negative effects around the world.When will we break out of what looks like a recession?

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