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Ways To Avoid Jet Lag

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Just some tips from personal experiences and friends' experiences about avoiding jet lag. Jet lag is a horrible feeling and can really ruin your vacation especially if you're just planning a really short one. You end up feeling dreadful for practically the entire vacation!


Keep yourself fit and healthy

Before the trip, ensure you eat right, exercise and get enough rest, especially the day before you fly. Being tired or hungover is a poor way to start a trip.


Stay hydrated

Drink lots of water, especially during the flight, to counteract dry cabin air. Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they cause dehydration, disrupt sleeping patterns and trigger nausea and bloatedness.


Adapt to the local schedule

Adjust to the new time zone before you leave. Eat and sleep according to the time of your destination. Easing into a new schedule makes resetting your body clock less traumatising. Stay outdoors during the day as natural light helps you cope with jet lag.


Move around

On the plane, don't stay seated all the time. Move your legs and do some stretches to promote blood circulation and reduce the likelihood of blood clots forming.


Herbal remedies

Try to establish good sleeping patterns without resorting to pills. Try drinking a cup of chamomile tea or sprinkling lavender oil on your pillow instead.

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