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Old School Review: Aero Fighters

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Well it has been a long time since I did an Old School review and I am bit shocked that I never did a review of this game or rather games under this awesome and very addicting game in which I spent countless hours dying and blowing through quarters so let us go through another review



Aero Fighters

Some Screen Shots


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Game Maker: Video System




Price: 25-50 cents


Levels: 8 and once you beat the game you can repeat the game.


Sound: 9 It had some good sounds especially the explosions and when you fire your weapons, bombs and special weapons.


Graphics: 9 With NEO-GEO being as it was back then the graphics were good and very colorful and well detailed.


Mini-Games: none


Difficulty: Back Then: 10 Now: 7


Game play: vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up


Plot: No real plot just got to various stages and shoot down planes, jets, helicopters, tanks and various gun turrets and other enemies.


First Impressions: Let see, my first impressions of this game consisted of oh my god I can't believe I am out of quarters and Oh my god I didn't even last 2 minutes without getting blown up again. Other then that this game was very addicting and challanging due to the fact when the enemies attack you had no room for error and so you had to shoot fast and go through your bombs just to at least get to the boss. Of course the weapon power ups did help somewhat if you didn't get blown up the moment you maxed out on the weapon power ups. It was even better when you had a partner because you could cover more area and survive a bit longer. Of course if I were to guess I say it would take anywhere from those intial quarters to at least $15-$20 dollars to be this game, depending on your skill level and how you lucky you are in dodging all the bullets.


16 years later:


Still a fun game and it spawned a great generation of vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up games and still has challenging since you don't have the flow of the joystick if you play this game on the computer and of course think about all the money you would save by playing the ROM :). Sure it is a lot easier you can just drop as many bombs as you can as you get blown out of the sky, but I would think the ultimate challenge of this game is to survive on that initial quarter(s) and make it to the end without dying and unless someone did this I don't think it is even possible to complete that challenge.


Overall Ranking:


Now for that Catchy slogan--


"Games don't get old, just people!"


--Now for some copyright info--

Images and of course games are copyrighted to its perspective owners blah blah blah. Roms are illegal and so do not get caught blah blah blah or else blah blah blah. Reviews and opinions are my own so don't argue with me unless you can prove otherwise why this game sucks and 100% of the time you are wrong because one your either a new school gamer and don't know a good game when you see it or two, well there is no two so HA!!. All slogans, trademarks and names excluded the games I review are copyrighted to me blah blah and blah. 2007-2009 SM Old School Legend.
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