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Cyber Nations

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Cyber Nations(http://www.cybernations.net/) has to be the best role play game browser based game I have ever played. In this game every player has his/her own nation and can war with other nations.. He can choose to go alone like a loner or join an alliance. Growth is based on 3 basic modifiers, land, infrastructure and technology. However the best part about this game is not the game play. Its the politics that make this game the best. It is intriguing to say the least. The major alliances plan for like 6 months in advance. In my short time there I have seen alliances who were thought to be invulnerable fall down, and alliances who had almost no chance to succeed prosper. The OWF has always something new to keep you interested. From exposed spy rings to leaked logs of alliance plans, you never know what comes up next in Cyber Nations. The existence of alliances also encourages team work. Communities have developed due to cyber nations, with their own off site forums and their private IRC channels. You can be sure to make a couple of good friends during your time there. So anybody who is a fan of RPG games, this game is a must play.

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