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Battle For Middle Earth Uncomplicated RTS with class...

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Every good rts player has the really deep and consuming games that they play... AoE II, Starcraft, Command and Conquor...But have you tried an uncomplicated smash fest recently?It feels great.A couple of friends and I bought this game and started playing it at LAN parties. It's an amazingly fun game.It's unbalanced in favor of the "good" races, and the "bad" races can rush too quickly b/c of cheap to free units, and the power moves are devastating (army of the dead, anyone?)But it's an excellent game. There are some mods that improve gameplay, too. The Elven Alliance (beta) is one of these. It adds the elves and a bunch of heroes to the game.My favorite race is Rohan. There's nothing like Theoden's golden charge - trample damage with 5% slowdown on contact...Wipe an army in seconds... Ooh. It's so epic.Has anyone else played this, or am I alone?And what's your favorite race?

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