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How To Use A Database For Chess Results? How to set-up, configure, and utilize a database to store chess result

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Hi,I'm running a website for our chess club. Recently we decided to add a feature for members to simply enter their tourney results there but I do not exactly know how to do it.The first problem is how to create form for people to enter their game results. I just have an idea that working with drop down menus is faster, esaier and more precise than typing the information.The second problem is how to make these results search-able?Let me tell you the final problem which is the worst of all that is I do not know how to build a member area. Because Qupis does not support Fantastico and manual installation of any CMS software is a waste of time I got paralyzed totally.The only feature which is running is a version of WordPress which allows a limited member area to post their blog items nothing more.Is there any simple, light-weight solution for me to have a member area in my site? (I don't like forums there just a simple "Members Area").I have to add that I tried manual installation of some PHP tutorials but they were not what I was looking for. I appreciate any help.Cyrus

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