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Flash Tutorial Simple Motion Tween Introduction to motion tween

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A motion tween is a moving object. In this tutorial we will learn how to make a flash with Adobe Flash CS3 Professional to move graphics around. Follow these steps1. Open Adobe Flash CS3, click File New, Selection Action Script 2.0 and click OK (I prefer 2.0 for compatibility)2. Now you will see a blank page like, now we will set the canvas size. Click the background or gray area.3. Click Size button on the bottom Properties page. Enter the width, as this example will be width 400px, and height 300px.4. Click OK5. Drag a picture from your folder inside the CS3, or click menu File, Import, Import To Library6. In your Layer1, click to select the first frame6. Select graphic, click Open. Now at your library panel, you see your file is added there, click the file and drag it on your canvas7. Adjust the width and height to 400px and 300px accordingly, and then set the x to -700 and y to 0. Because we want this image to move from left to right8. Click the bitmap, and press F8, select Graphic and click OK, And you will see 3.jpg9. To enable moving, we need to change the image from bitmap to graphic10. Now on layer 1, click on the frame 5, and right click that position and select Insert KeyFrame, then you will see 4.jpg11. In this frame, the image still at position -700, now we will want to change it12. Click the image on frame 5 and then On the properties, set X to 0. See image 5.jpg13. Now we want a motion twin, in betweem frame 1 to 5, click for example frame 3, right click it and select Create Motion Tween14. Now see 6.jpg, you will see the graphic on frame 3 is moving to the position in frame five, and there is a >----> symbol on frame 1 to 5 which indicates there is a tween in between the keyframe15. Now to test whether this works correctly, press Ctrl + Enter16. Now you see that this image is really moving, but it loops in the end, we want this image to stay longer before looping. Now right click frame 20 and click insert keyframe (the longer the frame the longer it will stay before loop).17. Now press Ctrl + Enter to test it again18. Now our flash is working perfectly like we want19. We want the swf file, now save our project by pressinge Ctrl + S, give it a name and press save20. Now click menu File Export->Export Movie, see image 7.jpg, select a folder and give a file name and it will be given .swf extension, now you ready to publish this swf to anywhere you likeHappy Flash

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