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Is Wildcards Allowed In Htaccess? Requesting help

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Can we use wildcards for file names in htaccess? What I mean is whether we can denote a file paths name to something like "/myweb/myfile-*.html" so that we ask the server to process any file with the name "myfile-COMPLETENAME.html"? Still didn't get the point?

Consider a link linking to something like "/folder/". When a link like this is opened it will search for index.html or index.shtml and so on. To override this default behaviour we use the following code in servers .htaccess file:

DirectoryIndex index.html article.html

With this the server first searches for index.html in any folder and if it is not found it then searches for article.html to send it to the browser. Now the problem --> Assume this partial site structure:

These folders neither contain index.html nor article.html. But as you see, it has files starting with "article". My question is whether we can use wildcards something like "article-*.html" in DirectoryIndex directive to tell the server to search any file which starts with "article-" with .html extension and display it when somebody opens a link to the folder?

Patiently waiting for reply...
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