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My Poems some poems that i wrote. They are copywrited.

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killing wordsLook what you've done to metelling me to stay awaysmashing my hopes and dreamstearing me from insidemaking me lose so much sleep How can i tell who i amspilling my heart out to youyou've thrown it all away with a slamKilling me softly with your wordsBeauty in meIts hard for them to seewhat lies within methe goodness that i share and the burden i shall barethe gifts that i will sendand the wounds that i will mindthe love that i giveand the life that i livebut soon they will seeall the beauty in me.Dreamscape I hold the sky and see if i canfeel the clouds that pass me byi sweep across the air and falterdown to where i was beforemy dreams are way to real for meto want to live in this worldi hold them tight and don't let go so that i can stay in this place I try to stay asleephoping all my dreams are'nt weakbut i get pulled back to realityand i'm no longer able to dream the world i want toescape is total chaos all the timebut i fall asleep and can feelall of this beauty in the airi breath it in a smell the life thatsaround meAngel of Death if you close your eyes you'll bleedshowing all the things i've seenchaos and destruction follow mewhere i walk you can't see When i leave there is no life I cry with sadness in my eyesand hope to one day, dieso no more will i take life to never feel love's imbrace never touch someones face only take life from to its fateI walk this world as the Angel of Death

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