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The question is: "How does technical fields, such as mathematics, influence who you are becoming?"I am the girl whose eyes brimmed with joyful tears when she discovered Alfonso, her beloved calculator, could graph in 3D. I am the student who was filled with uncontainable, let's break into random song kind of joy when she learned how to accurately graph any differentiable equation without the help of her adored Alfonso. I am the explorer who began doing Suduko puzzles while they were still called, "Number Place" in Dell's Math and Logic magazine. I am the learner whose infectious curiosity changed the purpose of her bed from an ideal sleeping spot to a cozy place to ponder new ideas for her growing 70-page math portfolio. While my strongest passion is applying concepts to solve practical problems, it would be distressing to deny any other of my loves, such as math, physics or helping others. I wish I could say I know exactly how all of my passions will shape my future, but, unfortunately, I'm still trying to make something out of this organized mess of beloved puzzle pieces. As a result, I have happily supersaturated my life with math, science and engineering in a world where my excited outbursts are playfully considered to be ?what happens when you take drugs? by loving but very confused friends. Whether it is taking local community college courses, performing electrochemical equations to remove the silver tarnish off my earrings or waking up at an ungodly hour to design a rocket, every memorable experience makes me more capable of incorporating as much of all of my loves into my future.In my younger years, math and logic have always created a concrete, black and white puzzle that serves as an outlet to life?s emotions. However, the inability to proven postulates, such as Euclid?s parallel postulate, relentlessly stimulated my curiosity until I found larger parallels in my own life. One example is contradictions of taking mathematical postulates on faith, yet denying religious viewpoints since they have not been scientifically proven. Though not enough to change my perspective, in many unexpected ways, math has provided a relative structure to aid my thoughts and has begun to foster a love of analyzing.I am the leader who finds blissful paradise in the prospect of creating a Geek Squad Junior and I am the friend who rejuvenates herself by researching the last technological advances. I am the teacher finds comfort in reading the latest issue of Popular Science and I am the dreamer who aspires to a life full of exhilaration and challenges. Simply put, I express my passions by being myself and by surrounding my life in as much of my passions as possible. I ooze Taylor?s series from my pores, breath string theory out of my lungs, allow stoichiometry to flow through my veins, and still, my curious mind desires more. The invigorating energy of having passion running through my blood makes me believe in the possibilities of tomorrow.I'm afraid that my essay doesn't answer the question or give enough specific examples. What do you think?

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