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Crackdown (xbox 360) wow

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Have you guys ever played crackdown? I got it last Saturday, and man, what a great game it is. It's kind of a Grand Theft Auto clone, except I think it's better, and You play as a super cop who can power up and lift cars and jump 100 feet in the air. It is so awesome. You get to kill gang members and gang bosses and stuff, and there are lost of weapons and cars and stuff. There's even this car that can turn into the batmobile with 4 machine guns if you can get your driving skill that high! You can do cool stunts with your cars and stuff, and there's a HUGE city to explore. The best thing is climbing the tallest buildings in the city, and trust m there are a lot of them. You can fin agility powerups, and look down upon the city from those heights. It is amazing. And since it's on the Xbox 360, the graphics are great too!I give this game a 5/5.Give me your experiences in this game! I got to go now, but I may post a funny happening in crackdown later. ciao! (i'm not italian, but I like that word. It is pronounced chow (I don't know why))

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